About Us

Aqua Managers Inc. is a master distributor of innovative water management products. Our charter is to develop and support wholesalers and resellers while satisfying end-users needs when appropriate.

Aqua Managers' Mission is to Provide:

  • Property protection products designed to automatically detect and prevent indoor water damage.
  • The most cost effective property protection products for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Easily installed application specific detection and prevention products.
  • Revenue gains for resellers and profit retention for end-users.
  • Insurance in the form of a proactive product instead of a reactive policy.

Eliminate Insurance Claims, Unrecoverable Expenses and Time with “Proactive Coverage Products” from Aqua Managers!

Or deal with the consequences of “Reactive Insurance Coverage” when filing a Claim with Insurance Company:

Limited Coverage = You may pay part, or all of water damage restoration
Premium Increase = You may see significant increase after any claim
Multiple Claims = Your premium skyrockets, or may be cancelled
Cancelled Policy = Your ability to get reinsured may be doubtful