Toilet Guardian for Toilet

Prevent Toilets from flooding your property and more:
Toilet overflows cause property damage and create opportunities for slip & fall injuries. The extent of damage can vary dramatically (from unsanitary cleanup and drying efforts, up to extensive repair and restoration of both structure and furnishings). People often flush too much toilet paper, hygiene products and even toys down the toilet, causing overflows. Let the Toilet Guardian safeguard your property and maintain a safe and sanitary bathroom environment.

Without Toilet Guardian Flooding Will Continue:

With Toilet Guardian Property Damage is Avoided:



How does Toilet Guardian stop overflows?

The Toilet Guardian's "bowl sensor" detects a high water level caused by a blockage, and then automatically shuts off the water supply. The Toilet Guardian contains the waste within the toilet bowl and avoids the cleanup and water damage that occurs when waste overflows all over the floor and beyond. With the Toilet Guardian, no cleanup efforts are needed… simply plunge away the obstruction and resume normal operations.

Prevent Toilet Leaks (Optional):

Leaking toilets cause unnecessary water loss caused by a stuck/open-flapper, worn/warped leaking flapper, a constantly running fill-valve, or a fractured toilet tank. This unnecessary water loss translates to higher water and sewer/septic bills and expenses.

How does Toilet Guardian stop leaks?

The Toilet Guardian's "tank sensor" monitors water level changes within the tank. When a leak is detected, the water supply is automatically shut off. The valve within the "controller" will remain closed until a push of a button resumes the water supply.

How does Toilet Guardian's Leak Detection reduce Water/Sewer/Septic expenses?

Stuck/Open-Flapper events are regarded as silent thieves and vandals. These events are primarily responsible for unexpectedly high water/sewer bills and septic system overload. Example: A stuck/open-flapper condition wastes 200 gallons per hour. <more info>

Toilet Guardian automatically shuts off the water supply to the toilet and sounds an alarm, leaving all other household fixtures and appliances operational. Easily installed in 10 minutes. 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Toilet Guardian's Components

 Bowl Sensor Tank Sensor

  • Main Controller
  • Bowl Sensor (at rim of toilet bowl)
  • Tank Sensor (inside toilet tank)
Toilet Guardian models

Model TG1000A
  • TG 1000 A -offers complete protections including bowl overflow elimination and water conservation
  • TG 1000 B – bowl overflow elimination only.
  • TG 1000 T – water conservation and leak detection only.
How Toilet Guardian Works:

Model TG1000B
  • For Overflows: The Bowl Sensor signals the Controller to shut off water supply
  • For Leaks: The Tank/Leak Sensor signals the Controller to shut off the water supply
  • Controller's valve stays open until overflow or leak is detected
  • Controller's valve then stays closed until problem is identified
  • Controller's audible alarm and clear icons alert & identify the cause of the fault
  • Resume water supply by pushing Open Valve button
Design Features:
  • Twin ceramic disk valves
  • TI MSP430 microprocessor
  • Stainless steel solenoid tested to over 500,000 cycles
  • 3V lithium ion battery w/5 yr. life (replaceable)
  • Small, light weight, highly impact resistant plastic
  • 0 to 125 psi operating pressure
  • LCD icon display identifies the problem
  • Piezo buzzer for audible alert

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