FloodStop for Dishwashers or Toilets

Prevent water damage from failed Dishwasher, Toilet, R/O and Supply Line:
Dishwasher leaks are often small and go unnoticed until significant damage is finally discovered. Such a leak will continue to collect under the Dishwasher and then seep between the kitchen flooring and sub-flooring. The damage often goes undetected until the floor is visually buckled or warped, at which time the damage and cost to replace is extensive.

Toilet's overflow, R/O systems leak and supply lines rupture causing significant property damage. The actual event can begin and then go unnoticed for hours and even days.

FloodStop (FS 3/8-C) automatically shuts off the water supply to the Dishwasher, Toilet or R/O whether caused by a small continuous leak, broken component/fitting, leaking seal, overflow or a ruptured supply line. Powered by AC/DC Adaptor/Transformer or Batteries. Output contact available, which allows the Controller to connect with Alarm, Home Automation or Auto-Dialer systems if desired. Easily installed in ten minutes.

FloodStop (FS 3/8-C) Components:

  • Motorized Ball Valve (3/8 inch Compression Fitting)
  • Control Unit (with Battery Backup 4 X AA Size)
  • Water/Leak Sensor (1.25” X 7.5”)
  • AC/DC Power Adaptor (or use 4 X AA Batteries as Primary Power Source)
  • Output Contact Wires (2)
How FloodStop (FS 3/8-C) Works:

  • The FloodStop valve is connected directly to the angle-stop valve
  • The inlet end of the FloodStop valve has a spinning female compression threaded collar/union
  • Spin the FloodStop valve's compression threaded collar/union onto the preexisting angle-stop valve
  • Connect supply line to the outlet end of the FloodStop valve (same as to angle-stop valve)
  • Water/leak sensor is placed at the base of the appliance or fixture (Dishwasher – Toilet – R/O – 3/8” Icemaker – etc.)
  • Valve stays open until water loss is detected
  • Water on sensor closes FloodStop valve and sounds alarm
  • Valve stays closed until problem is attended to and system is reset

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With FloodStop, Property Damage is Avoided:

Water loss from unexpected appliance failures and hose ruptures are detected by FloodStop's water/leak sensor, and the water supply is automatically and immediately shut off.