FloodStop for Ice Maker or Water Filter

Prevent flooding from Icemaker or Water Filter (R/O):
Water Filter and Icemaker components and fittings are small and can break easily. Water-line breaks can develop from movement, accidental bumping and simple vibration. In many cases a crack in the water-line grows from simple vibrations, eventually and unexpectedly rupturing, and then flooding the property. Whether on property or away, these flooding events can go undetected for hours or even days.

FloodStop (FS 1/4-C) automatically shuts off the water supply to the Icemaker or Water Filter (R/O) and sounds an alarm, leaving all other fixtures and appliances operational. Easily installed in ten minutes.

FloodStop (FS 1/4-C)

  • Motorized Ball Valve (1/4 inch Compression Fitting)
  • Control Unit (with Battery Backup 4 X AA Size)
  • Water/Leak Sensor (1.25” X 7.5”)
  • AC/DC Power Adaptor (or use 4 X AA Batteries as Primary Power Source)
  • Output Contact Wires (2)
How FloodStop (FS 1/4-C) Works:

  • The FloodStop valve is connected directly to the angle stop valve
  • The inlet end of the FloodStop valve has a spinning female compression threaded collar/union
  • Spin the FloodStop valve's compression threaded collar/union onto the preexisting angle-stop valve
  • Connect supply line to the outlet end of the FloodStop valve (same as to angle-stop valve)
  • Water/leak sensor is placed at the base of the appliance (Icemaker/Refrigerator – Water Filter – etc.)
  • Valve stays open until water loss is detected
  • Water on sensor closes FloodStop valve and sounds alarm
  • Valve stays closed until problem is attended to and system is reset

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With FloodStop, Property Damage is Avoided:

Water loss from unexpected appliance failures and hose ruptures are detected by FloodStop's water/leak sensor, and the water supply is automatically and immediately shut off.